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Raceflux Custom Made PTFE Hose Assembly, -6AN

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Part # Raceflux-06AN-PTFE
Customize Raceflux Custom Made PTFE Hose Assembly, -6AN
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Customization Summary
Custom -4AN PTFE Hose Assembly
Raceflux Custom Made PTFE Hose Assembly, -6AN

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    RaceFlux Built to Spec Hose Assemblies

    RaceFlux Custom Hose Assemblies
    RaceFlux can build custom hose assemblies for all of your fluid control needs. Each custom hose assembly is built in-house to your exact specifications and pressure tested before shipping. Just use the configurator to select the hose end fittings, hose type and length, and heat shielding type and length (optional).


    Turnaround Time

    Please allow 1-3 business days for us to build your custom hose assemblies before shipping.


    Warranty and Pressure Testing

    All custom hose assemblies a pressure tested to 175 psi to ensure they do not leak and are backed by RaceFlux's Lifetime Warranty. If your hose ever leaks due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will replace it at no charge! Please note this warranty does not cover damage to the hose or fittings caused by exterior forces such as heat, abrasion, impact, installation error, use with incompatible fluids, etc.


    How to Measure Your Hose Assembly

    Please note all custom assemblies are NON-RETURNABLE, so it's important to take your time to carefully measure and plan each custom hose assembly. If you need to cancel your order, it MUST BE CANCELLED WITHIN 1 HOUR of placing your order, because the hose assembly may already have been built. If it's been more than an hour, please call us and we can cancel your order if it has not been built.

    Hose assemblies are measured from the centers of seat to seat, as shown in the diagrams below. Always add a few inches to the measured length to allow for flex, or the hose may fail.

    Seat to Seat Hose Measurement Diagram

    Hose Assembly Minimum Length

    The minimum buildable length varies depending on the hose size and fittings being used. If you attempt to order a hose that is too short, we will contact you via email for clarification.

    Hose Size Minimum Seat-to-Seat Length
    -3AN 5 inches
    -4AN 6 inches
    -6AN 7 inches
    -8AN 8 inches
    -10AN 9 inches
    -12AN 10 inches
    -16AN 12 inches


    Heat Shielding Sleeve

    RaceFlux Custom Hose Assembly Heat Shielding Sleeve

    Heat shielding is optional and will help protect your hose from heat and abrasion. We also recommend selecting the optional high-temp silicone heat shrink seal collars for a more finished look. These collars will prevent the heat sleeve from unravelling and will protect the heat sleeve from dirt, debris, and moisture.

    If you would like heat shielding on your entire hose: Enter the hose seat-to-seat measurement as the length of the heat shielding sleeve.

    If you would like heat shielding on part of your hose only: Enter the total length in inches of heat shielding sleeve you would like. The sleeve will be cut to this length, and will be left loose on your hose so that you can position the sleeve as desired. If selected, the silicone heat shrink seals will be left unshrunk. Once you have positioned the sleeve on the hose, you can simply heat the seals with a heat gun or a blow dryer to shrink them on.


    Assembly Length Tolerances

    Please note that hose assemblies are built to a tolerance of +/- 0.5" (12.7mm) for hoses shorter than 5 feet (1.5m) and +/- 1" (25.4mm) for hoses longer than 5 feet (1.5m) of the requested seat-to-seat length.


    Return And Cancellation Policy

    Please note that custom hose assemblies are NON-RETURNABLE. If you need to cancel your order before shipping, YOU MUST CANCEL WITHIN AN HOUR OF PLACING YOUR ORDER, as the order may already have been built. If it's been more than an hour, please call us and we can cancel your order if it has not been built. If we make a mistake and your hose assembly is not built to the specs provided, or your hose assembly is defective, we will of course replace it for you at no charge.


    Specifications and Fluid Compatibility

    Specifications, fluid compatibility, pressure ratings, and other parameters vary by the type of fitting and/or hose. Please click the Specs link below each option for detailed information on that particular product.

    Part #
    Hose Size
    Compatible Hose
    TH (Smooth Bore PTFE)
    Compatible Fittings
    T (Smooth Bore PTFE Reusable)
    Hose Style
    AN Reusable Standard
    Breather and vent lines
    Fuel (in-tank)
    Fuel (outside of tank)
    Gauge and sensor lines
    High temperature applications
    Hydraulics: low pressure (return lines)
    Vacuum lines
    Coolant & water lines
    Other oil water and air systems
    Fluid Compatibility
    Air and gas
    Brake Fluid
    Engine oil
    Ethanol-based fuels (E85+)
    Ethanol/gasoline mixtures
    Gear oil
    Nitrous Oxide
    Power Steering Fluid
    Racing fuels
    Transmission fluid
    Standards & Certifications
    AN Threads & 37° Flares per SAE AS4395
    Conductive (Anti-Static)
    Inner Diameter (I.D.)
    Outer Diameter (O.D.)
    Outer Cover
    Stainless Steel Braid
    Inner Bore Material
    Stainless Steel Braid
    Minimum Bend Radius
    3.0" (76 mm)
    Minimum Operating Temperature
    -60°F (-51°C)
    Maximum Operating Temperature
    450°F (232°C)
    Maximum Operating Pressure
    1000 psi (68.94 bar)
    Vacuum Rating
    28 in/Hg (948 mbar)
    Burst Pressure
    3000 psi (206.84 bar)
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